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Your Source for Punch Needle Rug Hooking

If you need supplies for your punch needle rug hooking projects, look no further.  We feature custom solid and variegated wool rug yarn, hand dyed in our Colorado dye kitchen.  We proudly sell Oxford Punch Needles.  If you are new to punch needle rug hooking, we suggest starting with our “Class in a Box” – where we’ll send you all the supplies and instructions necessary to create your first punch needle project.

Cheri Whiton

Cheri Whiton

Co-Founder StoryTeller Wool

Cheri Whiton is a geriatric nurse practitioner. She learned fiber arts from her Grandmother growing up in Iowa and has enjoyed embroidery, quilting, needlepoint and knitting.

While attending the Estes Park Wool Market in 2016, she met Una Walker (Wooly Walkers) at her booth giving introductory lessons to punch needle rug hooking by making a coaster. Cheri was  quickly “hooked” on this hook-less method of rug making.

In August 2016 Cheri attended a week-long punch needle rug hooking class with Amy Oxford, creator of the Oxford Punch Needle.  She has attended additional classes at the Oxford School including teacher certification. She has taught her 83-year-old father the craft and he has become an enthusiastic punch needle artist.

Rebecca Martin

Rebecca Martin

Co-Founder StoryTeller Wool

Rebecca Martin is a native of the East Coast. The mountains called her west for college and Colorado became her permanent home. At the University of Colorado she obtained a degree in Art History. She currently lives in Longmont with her husband, daughter and son. While homeschooling her children or traveling the country with her family (41 out of 50 states so far), she is often found with some sort of wool project in hand. Needle Felting, crochet, needlepoint, wet felting, wool applique and some simple knitting are all interests, but the most beloved fiber art form for Rebecca is punch needle rug hooking. Although newer to her list of wool activities, it has captured her heart more so than the rest. She enjoys sharing her passion for punch needle rug hooking with both adults and children.

Create a Story with Wool!


Once upon a time two fiber artists found each other in the shadows of the Rocky Mountains. Their mutual love of punch needle rug hooking and all things wool led to the creative collaboration of StoryTeller Wool.

It is the rare creative project that does not tell a story in some way. Memories, people, events, and feelings find their way into art. Punch needle artists write these stories with wool.

Storyteller Wool is here to assists the punch needle community with hand dyed wool, kits and supplies.